We put out calendars in 2012, and so many people have asked for more!  I didn’t have time to put out a flip-book type calendar, so I thought I would make a poster one!  In the style of those tea towel calendars.  If I can source some tea towels, I’ll do that.  But a poster is good too!  I will let you know when it is in the shop!

I made Red Riding Hood sketches along these lines a while ago, and I like Dorito Person Red Riding Hood.

Just a little dorito, going to Grandma’s house.


i’ma totally buy this. please make tea towels. and posters. and a shirt. i don’t care. i’ll buy em all.

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Pisces: There are thing you’ve been working to let go and there are things you’ve been meaning to let go and there are things that you haven’t even noticed hanging over your head, weighing heavy in all your bags and your pockets. There are things that have been taking up too much space in your heart. This is a week for clearing out some space for yourself. You can drop some of this heaviness, and you can be brave enough to carry the rest. Have your friends over for dinner. Fill your dreams with light.

Today’s image was made specially for Madame Clairevoyant by Jen May.

welp, this sounds like a pregnant lady i know.

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I made the kitchen brighter! Goodbye, nasty wood cabinets! Hello, drippy white cabinets! You make me laugh! Yay!

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Nesting All The Time: The Pregnant Lady Story


a cool breeze just blew through my apartment.

a cool breeze just blew through my apartment.




okay, we have a few students at my school who would benefit greatly from audio versions of their textbooks (literature and history especially). the audio CD versions of these books are always super expensive, like auidobooks are, and the service learning ally would be a great fit but it would have to be up to their parents to pay for it, not the school.

our school put in a “recording studio” (a nice mic and macbook with audio editing software) last year and it hasn’t really seen a lot of use yet. i guess the teachers and admins are still waiting to see how they could put it to use? i don’t know. anyway.

yesterday, a Support teacher got in touch with me and asked me to find alternatives for her students who need audio versions of their textbooks and i was sad to send her the short list of expensive options. we talked at lunch and i suggested that maybe we could use our school’s recording studio and some student talent (good readers, basically) to create our own audio versions of the portions of the textbooks that the struggling students need to read.

i understand that there are a lot of copyright concerns in a situation like this, but we would never sell the audio versions that we make and we could even destroy the copies after they are used and re-do them every year if we need to. it’s just that these two or three kids would have such an easier time if they could listen along to the book they’re reading. it would help with comprehension, speed, and retainment. so it might be worth the possible copyright trouble?

my question is: should we go for it? cry fair use if we get sued? ask for forgiveness rather than permission? or is it just too risky?

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bean’s nook in our bedroom, complete with glow in the dark “tapestry,” stars and moons mobile (that lights up!), grumpy owls lamp, and tiny closet.


Zarathustra the cat with his life size portrait by Claude Monet.


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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Jhumpa Lahiri


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joe made meatballs to eat for dinner on bread or whatever and i was like PSSSH we need some veggies in that shit so i threw some spinach in a bowl and just scooped the meatballs and sauce on top and IT WAS AWESOME

and then i was still hungry because i’m pregnant so joe made me an egg sandwich with some cheese on it and was like “what condiment do you want” and i got a BRAINWAVE like “belay that condiment, sailor. bring me the dry sandwich” and then i spooned the leftover pasta/meatball sauce onto my egg sandwich and ate it and HOLY SHIT IT WAS AMAZING